Musical Handle Toothbrush

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Good oral hygiene begins at birth! Pediatric dentists recommend cleaning your babies gums--even before the first tooth appears--with a soft infant toothbrush and water. Properly cleaning teeth and gums with baby toothbrush training set helps remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay.

Special Features

The Kidsme Musical Handle Toothbrush is perfect for imitating adult tooth brushing. Although, it is not battery operated but it contains a rattle that makes the 'musical' sound. Its handle can be removed and the toothbrush can be replaced.

For Best Use

Make sure your child does not crawl, walk or run with the product in hand or in mouth. Check the bristles carefully before every use and be sure the bristles are fixed securely in each brush as well as free from defective and foreign particles. When the brushes are worned out or damage, replace them. 


BPA stands for bisphenol A. Being a concern parent; you must want the best for your child and hope they are out of harm’s way. Most plastic or rubber based toys and bottles contain BPA which poses a certain amount of risk for the consumer. Love your child and give them the best for long-lasting health. 

Get the Kidsme Musical Handle Toothbrush for easy and safe tooth brushing for sparkly clean teeth!