Welcome Baby Gift Set (Bath Ocean Animals)

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The award winning Kidsme Welcome Baby Gift Set is the perfect set for expecting parents. It comes with a Moo Moo Soother for teething and ice pops, a small Food Feeder to allow children as early as four months start exploring fresh food, 4 bath time toys that let babies have fun during bath time, and one ribbon clip.

Special Features:

  • Recommended age of 3 months and up.
  • Moo Moo Soother is specially designed ring for little hands to hold.
  • Moo Moo Soother works at room temperature, frozen, or refrigerated.
  • The Food Feeder comes with medium medical-grade silicone sac.
  • Encourages self-feeding.
  • Safe and ideal way to introduce solids.
  • Ergonomic design helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Reduces the risk of choking.



Product Description

Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother

Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother comforts your baby’s sore gums. The medical-grade, textured silicone is safe, soft, and provides relief. It also doubles as an ice pop when you fill and freeze milk or your baby’s favourite juice in the cap.

To Use

For regular use (3+ months)

  1. Keep the soother cool in the refrigerator
  2. Encourage baby to teethe on the textured silicone to relieve gum pains

For use as an ice pop (9+months)

  1. Fill cap with milk or juice
  2. Place soother in cap and snap it closed
  3. Freeze the soother and store it upright
  4. When frozen, hand baby ice pop to soothe sore gums


Kidsme Food Feeder with Chain Holder 4M+ (Lime Color)

It is a development milestone that babies pass when they start solid foods. Kidsme Food feeder is invented for babies to enjoy food without any food ending up in their hair or the floor anyhow. Simply cut the food into small pieces and put it in the food feeder. Babies will feed themselves.



  • Nutritious, healthy and convenient.
  • BPA Free
  • Develop little hands muscle, as well as stimulate motor, visual and mouth co-ordination (this is a wonderful learning process for babies to feed itself )
  • This is the only "tool" in the market that can "develop" babies to repeat such exercise (Active Chewing ).at least 3-5 times per day .Parents can also use this to attract babies attention
  • Promote Active / Self feeding ability .Hence to develop better independence and confidence at their later stage and growth.

For Age

  • 4 months & above

How to use

  1. Choose the silicone sac according to the width of baby’s mouth
  2. Wash and sterilize all parts before after every use
  3. Insert the teat to the ring. Pull the teat with the “pop” sound for secure seal.
  4. Use a spoon to fill up the diced or minced food in the sac.
  5. Clip and clack the ring on handle.
  6. Always check the food temperature before hand it to children.

Warnings-for your child's safety & health

  1. Always use this products under adult’s supervision
  2. Check all parts carefully before every use
  3. Discard at the first sign of damage or weakness
  4. This product is not microwaveable
  5. Extensive boiling may damage this product
  6. Silicone Sac is recommended to be replaced once a month for hygiene purpose
  7. Do not allow your children to crawl, walk or run with product on hand or in mouth.

Kidsme Bath Toys Ocean Animals

Floating water toys provide hours of fun for babies whenever they are around water either taking bath or in the pool. Bathe Ocean have 4 different kinds of animals. These are the squirting bath toy that must have for fun during bath time. Babies can learn different colours and recognize different animals as long as taking bath. It is an educational toy that helps learning without pressure. It is definitely the first hubbies that babies must have.


  • Bath buddy
  • Senses adventure
  • Bath ToySet brings more fun
  • Bath buddy
  • Senses adventure
  • BPA Free
  • Conform to ASTM F963 and EN71

How to use

  1. Wash before use
  2. Hand to your baby when he / she is bathing
  3. Always rinse thoroughly and dry naturally after every use

Warnings for your child's safety & health

  1. Discard at the first sign of damage or weakness
  2. Keep away from any direct sunlight and any heat sources
  3. Do not boil, microwave or steam sterilize
  4. Do not place in dishwasher or microwave oven
  5. To prevent drowning, never leave your child bathing unattended