Frequently Asked Questions

Are all products BPA-free?

The majority of our products, including all feeding products, are BPA-free. If you have a question regarding a certain product, feel free to contact us.

The silicone sac for my Feeder is stained. Is there anything I can do?

Due to the physical properties of all organic silicone materials, it is easy to stain. Just like any regular milk bottle, we recommend washing the sac before and right after each use to help fight food stains. A common food that causes a color change is watermelon. This is because watermelon contains a lot of carotene, which is a fat soluble substance and can easily be soluble in an organic solvent, meaning the sac will absorb the carotene and change to a yellow color.

How frequently do I need to replace the silicone sacs?

The silicone sac needs to be replaced at the first sign of damage or tearing. With very frequent use, the silicone sac should be replaced once a month. You can easily buy them right here on our website, or via our retail partners -Rustan's, Lazada, Babymama, BabyWorld CDO, Shopee.

When should I start introducing solid food?

It is safe to introduce solids around four months. We recommended starting with our Food Squeezer or small Food Feeder, both designed for children four months and up.

Why use the Kidsme Food Feeder?

The Food Feeder has a novel design which encourages baby to actively participate in the feeding process. Studies show that an early transition to solid food aids in baby's development, including in areas such as motor skills and digestion. Another study shows that early exposure to different tastes and textures is important for food acceptance. The Food Feeder is designed to safely introduce new food experiences while reducing the risk of choking.

The Food Feeder distinguishes itself from competitors with its ergonomic handles and easy-to-clean silicone sacs. No more dealing with the clean-up for mesh bags! The Food Feeder is perfect for precocious little ones and their busy parents.

How does the Kidsme Food Feeder work?

It's really quite simple. With the cap on, open the snap lock. Using a spoon, fill the feeder with wholesome foods for your baby. After shutting the snap lock, remove the cap and give them the Feeder. You could even simply place the Feeder in front of them and encourage them to pick it up on their own.

I am worried that solid food is a choking hazard for my child. Will the Feeders be safe to use?

Yes, the Feeders are designed with small, perforated holes in the silicone sac. These allow a baby to safely be introduced to new foods while reducing the risk of choking. As always, do not leave babies or children unattended with food.

My child is having trouble holding onto finger foods. Does that mean he isn't ready for them?

Motor skills develop differently in every child. That is why our products are made specifically for little hands, making them easier to grasp compared to finger foods.

Can I freeze the Food Feeder?

Yes! Serving your child frozen treats, such as blueberries, can help soothe discomfort during teething. You can also prepare food ahead of time and freeze it in the feeder.

What are some teething symptoms to watch for? Is there anything I can do?

Development varies among children but teeth start to come in around 4 to 7 months for most. Teething symptoms include sleeping problems, fussiness, refusing food, gum swelling or sensitivity, drooling, and biting. These symptoms could have other causes, so it is always best to check with your doctor about any health concerns.

You can help ease discomfort by giving your child something safe to chew on. The Moo Moo Soother is a great alternative to teething rings and can even be frozen. Another thing you can do is prepare frozen treats with our Feeders. These will help ease the pain and discomfort during the teething phase.

Are Kidsme Feeders easier to clean than my mesh food feeder?

Absolutely, all of the Kidsme products were designed with easy cleaning in mind, including the Food Feeder. The Feeder can easily be cleaned in warm soapy water, and is even top-rack dishwasher safe.